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Principal Noah Hurd

principal Noah Hurd portrait

Dear Palisades Families,

It’s wonderful to meet you, mucho gusto, 很高兴见到你. I am thrilled to introduce myself as the Principal of Palisades World Language School. And I’m excited to get started on this journey of exploration, growth, and cultural discovery alongside your child.

As we begin this chapter together, I want you to know that our focus is not just on education, but on the immersive experience that will shape your child's understanding of the world. Through language, culture, and interdisciplinary learning, we are here to foster global citizens equipped with the skills and perspectives needed for an interconnected future.

Your involvement is key to our success. I want to invite you to engage with our community of learners. Whether it's sharing insights, volunteering, attending school events, or supporting our work with your evening check-ins with your child, your active participation will amplify the impact that we make collectively. We have an incredible team here, and you are an important member.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time to share your thoughts. I look forward to working closely with you.

With enthusiasm and warm regards,

Noah Hurd
Palisades World Language School